Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Robert Abbitt: Legislating against stupid drivers

Robert Abbitt: Legislating against stupid drivers
15 Sep

Whoever wrote the opinion about semi-truck accidents does not have a clue. Requiring dash cams on commercial vehicles would make sense, and is economically reasonable. Installing a “forward collision avoidance system” on a 40 ton moving object is beyond idiotic. You might as well suggest a levitation device. We all agree about continued search, and research for improved safety. I believe dash cams will show the average driver has no understanding of what an 18 wheeler can do or cannot do. Educating motorists about driving around an 80,000-pound commercial vehicle might reduce accidents; but you can not fix, or legislate stupid. There are some jerk drivers on the road. This article reminded me of how often cars cut me off, or pulled in front and hit brakes to make exit. Bottom line is computer “automatic emergency braking” will not stop 40 tons.

Robert Abbitt

Lake Havasu City



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