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Saturday’s Sound Off

Saturday’s Sound Off
08 Sep

For the Borough of Pottstown I see the utility payment options have changed. They are no longer accepting your payment at the window effective 2019. This means you don’t get a receipt. You can drop it off in the box but you won’t get a receipt or you can mail it to some place in Utah which is the processing center which will give someone a job there in Utah. Thank you Pottstown Borough. We appreciate all your service. Not.

This is for JT and Jay Miller. Yes I want the wall and we’re going to get the wall and Mexico will pay for it. What do you think the president’s going to hand Mexico a bill for the wall? No, he’ll incorporate it in his NAFTA or some other agreement with Mexico and that’s how he’s going to get the money back to pay for it. I have no doubts about that because he’s sure smarter than any of these other people around and you can bank on that one.


As we have been short last year of 100-plus items we once again are in need of items, i.e., greeting cards, envelopes, stamps, stickers, books, magazines, tote bags, etc. to continue our ministry. You may call 610-323-1985 and leave a message or you may mail it to P.O. Box 1550 Pottstown, PA 19464 or you may drop the items off at the Pottstown YMCA. We hope to get enough items for our veterans this year. Thank you and God bless.

Kathleen Parker’s commentary in Monday’s paper is an example of the twisted-talking media. To state the violence is all because of Trump is blatant untruth. This divide started on Obama’s watch with the police and Black Lives Matter. To say Trump’s haters are just fellow Americans with a different point of view is a joke which isn’t funny. They are the ones out attacking people in public, destroying property and protecting illegal criminals over U.S. citizens.

—Lady Di

Did Maxine Waters really say that no mother should have to fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store? Really?

—Jim Dandy

Words cannot describe how disgraceful and horrible this country has come to with the heartless people coming out with nasty books condemning, slandering, untruthful  and so forth about the president of the United States. Where is the loyalty and love in this country? I do not see how it can get any worse but it is every day. Everyone please respect America and the president of the United States.

Did you hear what Nike’s new slogan is? Instead of “Just Do It,” it’s “Just Did It.”

Lower Pottsgrove is lucky to have a manager that is so informative and knowledgeable of the township. Thank you for all you do.

My 60-year kindergarten reunion is coming up soon and I’m worried about the 175 pounds I’ve gained since then.

—Sarcastic Sam

Excuse me I’m just wondering if people understand 15 mph is in a school zone not 60 or 65 mph. Let’s go Lower Pottsgrove.

Jesus said to the rich man “Give all that you have to the poor and follow me.” And to his disciples he said “When you go into a town take nothing with you and let the people take care of you.” So I’d like to say to Mr. Roberts, Mr. Graham, etc. if you can spend millions for an airplane or a palace as a house aren’t you supposed to be following Jesus, aren’t you?

This is to my veteran friends. I just read in USA Today the headline “Neglect, abuse reported inside low-rated VA homes.” I also read over half of the VA homes are under 50 percent rated. and what did our president say? That he was going to take care of all of this. Well you can’t take care of it when you have the three head honchos running the VA hospitals from Mar-a-Lago, Florida. So remember that vets in November.

—Jay Miller

I live in Boyertown. What the heck are they doing with this railroad? One minute it looks beautiful, the next minute it looks like a junkyard with all the old trains in it. Now you have all these storage cars there. What’s that all about? I thought it was supposed to be a resort builder.

Regarding immigration policies, heaven has strict admittance rules, hell has open borders. Where do you want to go?

—Jim Fitch

Now that the word is out about how the water in Warminster, Warrington and Horsham is the most dangerous on the East Coast, I must ask why the residents continue to pay the municipal authority bills when they arrive? Have you become so sheepish that you pay for poisoned water? Stand up and tell them you’ll pay a bill when safe water is delivered to your homes. That’s the agreement you originally made.




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