Sunday, 21 October 2018

Scott Smith: Exaggerated weather reports can fool our brain

Scott Smith: Exaggerated weather reports can fool our brain
26 Sep

Many of us weather-hysteria-haters were chortling last week when a clip of a Weather Channel reporter was revealed that showed him literally acting as though he were being badly buffeted and blown by the wind during Hurricane Florence.

What was so funny about it was his unawareness that some people in shorts and t-shirts were casually and comfortably walking behind him seemingly unaffected by the weather that he was portraying as brutal and dangerous.

Still, some in the media would not admit that the reporter was exaggerating the situation for dramatic purposes. The Weather Channel stated that the grass was wet and that was why the man appeared to be sliding while the people walking behind him were unaffected.

Another media justifier stated that wind can be different in different places as it deflects off buildings and thus the reporter could have been being buffeted while those walking behind him were not. If you look at the clip though, it looks pretty obvious that the reporter is faking it.



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