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Short Takes: Monday, July 30 2018: Readers have their say on the day’s news

Short Takes: Monday, July 30 2018: Readers have their say on the day’s news
30 Jul

HOW funny the weather can be in Australia. At work all week at 5am, the temperature was as if it had snowed on Mt Sugarloaf and there was an iceberg floating in the Shortland wetlands. When the sun came out around noon, it was like a hot summer day but still freezing in the shade. I woke up on Saturday at 4.15am – not on purpose – and thought to settle in to witness the blood moon. As my luck would have it the clouds eclipsed the sky and there was just blackness. I love my sunburnt country! 

Bryn Roberts, New Lambton

WHY can our federal parliamentarians not pass a bill into law that simply states that any income (company or personal) generated within Australia must be subject to being taxed in Australia and any attempt to circumvent this law would attract a fine equivalent to five times the original taxation, plus legal costs that the federal government (ATO) incurred in pursuing the matter? The aim of such a law would be to stop individuals and multinational companies making use of tax havens and/or paying a (lower) tax in another country.

John Pritchard, Blackalls Park

DAVID Brook (Short Takes, 27/7) makes the ridiculous claim that his God should take much of the credit for the successful rescue of the boys trapped in the Thailand cave. Indeed, he goes further in claiming that the result could have been a catastrophic disaster if the prayers of many had not been heeded. What sort of a “God” does David have in mind? One that only acts if enough people pray to him/her/it to intervene? I prefer the undeniable fact that it was entirely the bravery and skills of the rescuers that resulted in the success of the rescue. No “god” was involved. Only courageous, dedicated, and selfless humans.

Kevin McDonald, East Seaham

WITH the proposed merger of Nine and Fairfax, let’s hope the Newcastle Herald is never forced to stoop as low as allowing Alan Jones any editorial space.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

I WOULD like to express my dismay at the proposed skate bowl to be built as part of Newcastle City Council’s Bathers Way upgrade at South Newcastle beach. The design portrayed in the latest Council News is most unattractive and in my opinion detracts enormously from the beauty of that part of our coast. In fact the design is not only inappropriately ugly and enormous, it is also quite impractical. How will the facility be kept free of sand so that the safety of all users can be assured? The upkeep will generate enormous costs to the council. I would suggest the skate park be relocated to a more suitable site so that the natural beauty of the beach can be maintained.

Carylyn Lightfoot, New Lambton Heights

I STAND corrected and must apologise to Colin Fordham (Short Takes, 28/7). Yes the Labor party did start something. They started one of the great comedy shows of all time sprinkled with a little drama a splash of horror and some of the best cartoon heads ever to grace politics. It will be interesting to see how the show finishes – on the edge of your seat stuff, I reckon.

Brad Hill, Singleton



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