Wednesday, 21 November 2018


23 Oct



By Aditya Aamir


            Can we say hurtling technology killed the 60 in Amritsar? And we’re not talking of bullet trains. The two trains that mowed people to death would have been least bothered if there were no folks to kill on the tracks. Regardless, it would have hurtled on. What killed the people were the people themselves, bang on the tracks and engrossed in smart phones held head high to make videos of Ravana burning!

            Good triumphing over Evil.

            That said there was neither good nor bad behind the unwanted slaughter. The trains shouldn’t have been running if the Railways knew of a Dussehra crowd taking over the tracks. But trains are there to run. “Who let the trains run?” is the valid question. But, if the driver was new to the job or to the place and did not know, he cannot be blamed. It’s crazy dangerous to hold such an event right next to the railway tracks.

            Somebody should ask if the railways had forgotten that Dussehra next to the railway tracks has been a feature for 40 years. The simple answer to that is “it struck nobody.” That was criminal. Forty years is a long time to get acquainted with the regularity of an annual event. Killing Ravana is not something people get tired of.

            In an absolute sense, it could be said that if Ravana was not killed this year, the 60 or more killed and the scores wounded wouldn’t have been standing on the railway tracks. But that is going down a rabbit hole: If there were no railway tracks, there wouldn’t be a train heading that way… But the tracks are there and Punjab minister Navjot Sin