Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sound Off for Thursday, Nov. 1

Sound Off for Thursday, Nov. 1
01 Nov


I just got done watching the tape about the ‘50s and I’ll tell you something. It seems like Americans were the happiest people in the world. You had home, cars, happy with the kids, happy with everything and you know in that case I didn’t see one foreign car. They were all American cars, beautiful cars, steel and chrome cars. I don’t care what anybody says, Nifty ‘50’s was the happiest years in America. Look at it today how depressing it is. Give me the nifty ‘50’s. God bless America.


I love the ad with Bob Casey falling asleep on a file cabinet, falling asleep on his desk, falling asleep giving a speech. That’s funny. That’s the way all ads should be – funny.



To the pipeline concerns: Superintendents of the schools want to have Gov. Wolf probe the pipeline concerns. First off, Gov. Wolf isn’t an expert on anything having to do with pipelines. Secondly, you got gas lines and other pipelines running right past your school and probably right underneath the ground into your school, especially if you use natural gas. So pipeline concerns should have been concerned 100 years ago. However in today’s world, this is what we have to have, our electric services underground, our gas service is underground and yes there are pipelines under there. Maybe we should have someone else check it out.


Oh get over it refineries. That was an Obama move. Wasn’t that brainy? RINS, it’s the process of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Any way, shape or form. An Obama move. But we love that guy didn’t we?


Hi, Sound Off, just a little different than all the Trump stuff that we always hear and everybody calling everybody names. I don’t understand the 76ers saying they had all this money to spend and let Kawhi Leonard go to Toronto and not grab him. I d