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South Dakota Ranks 6th For Impaired Driving Deaths In The Nation

South Dakota Ranks 6th For Impaired Driving Deaths In The Nation
04 Sep

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – While many are of you are off work Monday, enjoying the Labor Day holiday, police and other safety authorities are hard at work. 

A big part of the job that comes with any holiday — cracking down on drunk drivers. 

In fact, a new study from Safewise ranks South Dakota sixth out of 50 for the most impaired driving deaths. 

A top-10 ranking for drunk driving deaths. 

A statistic Labor Day drivers in KELOLAND find alarming. 

“There’s a lot of stupid people out there,” Pam Scovell said while filling up for gas on Labor Day. 

“I’m constantly looking in all directions, even the traffic coming toward me,” Scovell said. 

The new study by Safewise uses National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and census data to take a look at which states have the most deaths due to drunk driving. 

While South Dakota ranks sixth in the nation, neighboring states North Dakota and Montana are both in the top three for most deaths. 

And a smaller state population doesn’t necessarily mean a lower rate of fatalities. 

North Dakota is the fourth least-populated state in the country, but still has the third-highest rate of impaired driving deaths.

The Sioux Falls Police Department says Labor Day usually brings an uptick in this type of driving. 

“We’ll have officers 24-7 on the lookout as we usually do anyway. They will all be on the lookout. Whether they’re traffic or patrol, on the lookout for impaired drivers,” Officer Travis Olsen said. 

On a given weekend, Olsen says there will be a dozen DUI arrests.

 But this long weekend, he expects more. 

Olsen’s best advic, get a ride and leave your keys at home. 

“If they’re out celebrating with friends and family, consider alternate means of transportation that they’ve got available, which is pretty easy these days with the number of services around town,” Olsen said. 

To avoid becoming a statistic. 

“Yep if you want to drink and party, stay home. If you do have a party, maybe take the people’s keys away to make sure they get home safely. And just have a fun weekend,” Scovell said. 

South Carolina had the highest total number of impaired driving deaths. 

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between the use of ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber and a decrease in impaired driving crashes. 



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