Technology Designed to Provide Field Service Solutions

Field service solutions take a coordinated approach to managing workers out “in the field” of their work. By “in the field” what we generally mean is in their working environment – with the term, more often than not, applied to field workers such as buildings and facilities management contractors, and servicing and maintenance teams (both in the domestic and commercial sectors).

So service management is all about how we manage and support these workers during their day to day work. For example, a facilities management team will need to have information at hand about a building they are managing, as well as job information if they have a particular task that day, together with historical information about previous works, parts and outcomes. All of this information would help the team to perform their duties, out in the field, day to day.

In most cases, service management is coordinated by using a specialist system that will manage field workers’ schedules, so that they are as productive and efficient as possible.

Technology’s role

So it is fairly obvious to state that service management businesses demand solutions that will ensure their field workers are as efficient and productive as possible, and that the teams working alongside them can provide the right support.

Technology can play a huge role in the support provided to teams of field workers. The technological service solutions will boost productivity and create efficiencies amongst a mobile workforce, working in the field of its work day on day.

Field service software

There are many types of best software on the market at present. But finding the right solution for your business is the key.

Software will provide scheduling tools, inbuilt appointment optimising capabilities and synergies with mobile devices, so that a mobile workforce is able to work efficiently and productively. Inbuilt workflows also provide process-drive approaches and the software’s often powerful ability to manage elements such as stocks and parts and assets will provide a welcome boost to service management teams.

Tangible results

The key when choosing the best service software solution for you and your teams is proof of the tangible results you are likely to experience. Always ask for hard facts and figures about the return you are likely to get – modern, advanced software should help you to see up to 25% more productivity and at least 40% back office savings. With mobile workforces so crucial to field this management, you should also expect up to a 30% reduction in fuel costs.

And in today’s economic climate those figures will be welcome reading for executive teams considering new management solutions available on the market and perhaps unsure about which product will offer the greatest return on their investment.

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