Monday, 15 October 2018

The Dionysium Summer Show: Money

The Dionysium Summer Show: Money
29 Jul

Money. We all know it’s a gas, it changes everything, and it makes the world go around but it can’t buy me love. What more is there to know? Funny you should ask…

Join us as the Dionysium reconvenes once again to present The Money Show. On Wednesday, August 1st, we return to the Alamo Drafthouse Village to discuss, debate, and delight. There will be lectures and debates, but make no mistake: this is not your standard finance class. Learn about venture capital, capitalism, and systemic inequality. Decide once and for all whether cryptocurrency will replace traditional monies. All of this, plus music and a curated cartoon, enjoyed under the auspices of Dionysus (who has taken enough of our money over the years to be considered a true expert in the field).



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