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The funny flicks

The funny flicks
24 Oct

Getting to know: Wingard Want to know more about our new recruit Chad Wingard? You’re in the right place!

Footy can be a tough caper.

It’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, you’ve still got to have a bit of fun!

We thought we’d find some of the funnier photos of the year to help remind us of this…

AFL 2018 Round 03 - Richmond v Hawthorn

Poppy: “You understand?”

Grimes: “Yes, dad.”

AFL 2018 Round 11 - Hawthorn v Port Adelaide

14 years in the system and there’s very little our skipper hasn’t done.

AFL 2018 Training - Hawthorn 310818

When you become a Brownlow Medallist, bodyguards become a necessity. 

Photographers Choice - AFL 2018 Finals Week 1

Jaeger’s dream of taking Mark of the Year will have to wait another year.

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AFL 2018 Media - Hawthorn Team Photo Day

If anyone was wondering how Dimma’s mullet hit the heights that it did in 2018, call Teia!

AFL 2018 First Semi Final - Hawthorn v Melbourne

“But you remember me, right?” 

AFL 2018 Media - Brownlow Medal

“I remember my first beer.”

AFL 2017 Training - Hawthorn 161217

Pain or pleasure, Jaeger?

AFL 2018 First Qualifying Final - Richmond v Hawthorn

Planking was sooooo 2011, Blake, and Higgins seems especially unimpressed.

AFL 2018 Round 18 - Carlton v Hawthorn

These matters usually aren’t a laughing matter.

AFL 2018 First Semi Final - Hawthorn v Melbourne

Despite the Rising Star nominations and runner-up best and fairest awards, every possession still deserves celebration for Dimma.

AFL 2018 Round 16 - Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn

It’s hard to know who is the agitator in this little disagreement. For once, Sis seems somewhat relaxed.

AFL 2018 Training - Hawthorn 060718

Roughy gives his best Mike Tyson imitation. 

AFL 2018 Training - Hawthorn 050918

A gentle little head massage between our dynamic defensive duo!

AFL 2018 Round 21 - Hawthorn v Geelong

At least Tim Kelly was able to move somebody west this year…



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