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The Goodies blame BBC ‘white liberals’ for ban on repeats

The Goodies blame BBC ‘white liberals’ for ban on repeats
17 Sep

Yesterday, speaking at the launch of a new DVD collection of their shows, they admitted they were “slightly embarrassed” by some sketches. 

But Oddie, 77, said the only people who found the Goodies offensive were “white liberals”. 

Garden, 75, said “stupid people” were also offended adding: “The BBC always reply [to fans] saying they want to invest in new comedy. So I thought, ‘Well that means we won’t be getting the 6pm Dad’s Army slot then’.” 

Despite its popularity and pleas from fans, the BBC has never regularly repeated the shows. 

That might be because they include scenes now seen as politically incorrect such as Oddie blacking up as a character called Rastus T. Watermelon. 

Famous sequences included a giant kitten climbing up London’s BT Tower – then known as the Post Office Tower – and the comedians performing their hit The Funky Gibbon. 

It also featured the trio on their “trandom” – a three-seater bike – searching for work and doing good deeds. Fans include Prince Charles and comedian David Walliams, Austin Powers star Mike Myers, Sherlock actor Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg. 

The Prince, who presented Brooke-Taylor, 78, with an OBE in 2011, was reported to have told him he was a member of The Giddies, as their fans are affectionately known, saying he liked Monty Python but “I prefer The Goodies”. 

Garden received an OBE in 2011 from Princess Anne, who is rumoured to have been a regular viewer. 

Oddie received an OBE in 2003 for his work in conservation.



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