Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The ‘Honest Couple’ Instagram account is brutally hilarious

The ‘Honest Couple’ Instagram account is brutally hilarious
21 Oct

Every couple, no matter how great they may seem from the outside, has issues they have to deal with in their relationship. People argue, they forget anniversaries, they keep secrets from each other. It doesn’t mean they aren’t in love; it just means they are human, and therefore not perfect.

Of course, you’d never figure that out by scrolling through Instagram, where it appears every couple is sickeningly happy and always on a beach. But one account on the platform is injecting a few dark clouds into the bright blue sky that is couple Instagram pictures. It’s called “Honest Couple,” and, despite being around less than a year, it’s already racked up nearly 37,000 followers, who can’t enough of the account’s dark humor.

Some of the posts are short and (not so) sweet.

While others are more elaborate, or even full-blown stories.