Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The new Kiwiana: It’s in our food and on the money

The new Kiwiana: It’s in our food and on the money
04 Nov

New Zealand has changed but our national symbols are stuck in the past.From sheepdogs to beckoning gold cats, we discover what Kiwiana looks like today.

Everything needs updating, even the past. When you say the word “Kiwiana” some familiar images come to mind. It is a gallery of the ordinary, the homely, the once-loved, that can almost be recited like a litany by now: buzzy bee toys, gumboots, hokey pokey ice cream, sheepdogs, pavlova. 

There can be something a bit compulsory and oppressive about this list of Kiwiana, though. It says that whether you like it or not, this was your past. 

“The material culture that reflects Kiwi identity,” is how Auckland University of Technology senior lecturer Lindsay Neill describes Kiwiana.

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