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“The thing I said to Jamie Lee Curtis at the Halloween premiere that I really wish I didn’t.”

“The thing I said to Jamie Lee Curtis at the Halloween premiere that I really wish I didn’t.”
24 Oct

And then, feeling like I needed to contribute something to the exchange, I said this:

“I love you,” I gushed, like a teenager.

“And Trading Places was the best movie.”

Trading Places – a movie she made in 1983 that had nothing to do with why any of us was there last night.

And I said I love you. Sheez. Way to make an impression with original thoughts.

When faced with one of my idols, this was the best I could come up with? I didn’t ask her about the film she was there to promote. I didn’t say something gracious like “Welcome to Australia.”

“Yes, it was a funny film,” Curtis politely agreed, and then she moved on.

What I meant to say was, “Trading Places was your most important film, because it was such an excellent social commentary.” But, no. My brain couldn’t even muster a proper sentence to explain my randomness.

As I made my way into the premiere along the black carpet, I thought, “Please, Michael Myers, end me now.”

And then I thought, okay, it’s not so bad, at least I got some great video. Once seated in the theatre, I hopefully looked at my phone. Instead, what I found was footage of my shoes, with audio of the words I regretted as the only thing to concentrate on.

In that moment, I dramatically resolved that video would never see the light of day. (And then I texted it to my son, sister, and best friend, and alluded to it in an Instagram post.)

Here’s the Halloween trailer. Please note it’s rated MA15+ in Australia. 

[embedded content]

In case you were reading this for an actual movie review, and not just because you were curious about my awkward story, I’ll give you my impressions.

This latest – and probably final – instalment of the Halloween franchise delivers all the nostalgia that fans want, reprising characters such as Dr. Loomis, and referencing scenes, from the original films.

Unfortunately, it also repeats a few stereotypes – like the use of black people for comic relief – but then it also has a trilogy of three strong female characters who all save the day in some way.

We are introduced to Laurie’s adult daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), who both prove that there’s nothing like family – when you need to unite against a mass murderer.

The film also delivers in the slasher genre, with shocking moments that give the audience a thrill. It is more violent and gory than the earlier films (as I recall them) – but it’s also possible that I’ve simply lost my edge in my old age.

Alas, last night proved that I may have lost my edge in a number of ways. A younger Nama would have been more on the ball – she would have had a question prepared. But the 2018 Nama is a tired parent who works full time – and wasn’t thinking about much else than #yolo.

I think my 11-year-old son summed my night up best when he texted his response to the video I sent him:

“Cool. Not you, but she’s cool.”

Halloween will be in cinemas from October 25th.

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