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This county in Wyoming has the worst weather in America

This county in Wyoming has the worst weather in America
18 Oct

WYOMING – Like anywhere else, we in Wyoming like to joke about our weather. “We’ve got July, August, and winter,” is a good one. “Summer falls on a Wednesday this year in Wyoming,” is another.

Especially funny is the meme that goes, “Mother Nature, you can’t fit all the seasons into one week. Wyoming: Hold my beer.”

But many states like to claim they have the most unpredictably worst weather in the US. At Buckrail, we saw the same claim from Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri…even California. What a minute! Who really has the ugliest weather in America.

A Wyoming classic.

Thankfully, a group of scientists have put an end to the debate for now. According to OnlyInYourState, these meteorologists studied data from NOAA going back for the last 10 years. They found what we already know by walking outside.

Albany County has the worst weather in America. Period. Over the course of a decade, Albany County averaged 133 severe weather events each year. The next closest on the list was Sedwick County, Kansas—with nearly a third fewer events, at 100. Those were the only counties in the country to top 100 severe weather events annually. No. 3 was Polk County, Iowa, with an average of 90 terrible, rotten, no-good days each year.

Wyomingites would call this day ‘Mostly Sunny.’ (Charles Willgren, Flickr)

Most of the severe weather alerts were ‘High Wind Warnings.’ No surprise to anyone who has ever travelled I-80 and seen tractor trailers blown over on the side of the highway.

Of course, it’s not only wind that Albany County residents have to worry about. It can snow pretty hard here, too. Albany County averages 4.9 winter storms, .9 blizzards, and .9 heavy snow events, every winter season.

Our horses in Wyoming are the hardiest. They have to be. (Fernando Garcia, Flickr)

As far as lately, Wyoming has already seen its first snow of the year in the Bighorns, Lander Valley, and elsewhere mostly east of the Continental Divide.

In Jackson, we’ve come pretty darn close to single-digit overnight lows. But in true Wyoming fashion, this week looks like a beauty, with true autumn weather dropping in for a spell. Look for highs in the upper 50s with plentiful sunshine all week.

Wyoming wreck on I-80 April 16, 2015.

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