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Thunder Enlightning, May 9, 2018

Thunder Enlightning, May 9, 2018
09 May

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I think it’s funny that Mr. Fake News and his Russian friends using Facebook are the ones who are responsible for producing so much of the fake news around the 2016 election. Fake news.



Both West Mahanoy Township and Shenandoah Borough should check the entrances into Turkey Run at Furnace Street and Pioneer Drive. The potholes are so deep and wide and there are just so many of them. This is the second time that I had to put a pipe on my car. Maybe the borough manager and those others can come up here and check the potholes out for themselves.



I see where all of the politicians are starting to throw dirt at each other as usual. Instead of throwing dirt at one another, why don’t you all tell us how you are going to lower the taxes and how you are going to get the good-paying manufacturing jobs for us? How about less fighting about nothing?


What do you mean they are “starting” to throw dirt at each other. They’ve never stopped!


I think it’s a shame that there won’t be any Majestic Awards this year. Those kids work so hard to put on wonderful shows and they look forward to the awards each and every year. It’s terrible.



About Officer Chad Seitzinger of the Saint Clair Police Department. My mother is ill, and he comes by the house every couple weeks and checks on her. He is really concerned. I think that needs to be noticed how great of a cop he is and all cops aren’t bad. Hats off to Officer Seitzinger. It means a lot to me and my family.

Saint Clair


Being tolerant of your neighbor’s barking dog does not make a person a coward. It makes them a patient pers-on. So, to the person concern-ing a coward, I say get a life.


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