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Truckie reveals dangerous mistakes drivers make on our roads

Truckie reveals dangerous mistakes drivers make on our roads
29 Aug

WOMEN applying make-up in the car and drivers failing to indicate are two of Tyrone Blinco’s pet hates.

In a lifetime hauling freight between Mackay and northern New South Wales, it is rare that a day has passed where he doesn’t see someone do something stupid on the road.

“Women putting make-up on while they are driving along, that’s a classic in the city, it’s unbelievable,” Mr Blinco said.

“Not indicating and pulling in front of your truck when you are leaving a space in front for braking room, that’s another.

“Drivers think you’re leaving a space for them to move in but you have to leave space so you don’t run over the car in front.”

Mr Blinco also dislikes caravanners who sit on 80km/h in a 100km/h zone.

“Then when they get to the double lanes, speeding up,” he said.

“You get a few cars doing the same thing.”

Not only is this rude, it creates dangerous conditions for drivers wanting to overtake.

This humble truckie’s experience mirrors research from the Australian Trucking Association.

ATA safety adviser Melissa Weller said a recent ATA study found a third of drivers didn’t understand what the “Don’t overtake turning vehicle” sign meant.

“They thought it might annoy the driver,” she said.

“But a turning truck may need to use two lanes to get around a corner.

“They are legally allowed to do that.”

ATA research shows this sort of poor overtaking etiquette is costing lives.

“What we do know is rear-end crashes are still an issue and that comes down to people not understanding why you do not cut in front of a truck,” Mrs Weller said.

“People are not processing that this is a massive vehicle, carrying a full load of freight and it takes a long time to stop.

“The truck driver doesn’t want to hit anyone, but if he can’t brake in time, it’s all going to go pear-shaped.”



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