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Truth is, ‘rich people’ won’t pay bill for BernieCare either

Truth is, ‘rich people’ won’t pay bill for BernieCare either
20 Oct

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats forced the scourge of Obamacare upon us. It failed it’s BIGGEST PROMISE. That was to stop the explosive rise in health care costs witnessed for 20 years. Recognizing the failure, Democrats now demand BERNIECARE, where government pays everyone’s health care bills with millions envisioning Christmas like, sugar plums of free, lifetime health care. Bernie and the Democrats do all they can to perpetuate that FANTASY. At every Bernie rally the most frequently heard two words are “RICH PEOPLE.” Encouraging people to make the connection and FALSE assumption RICH PEOPLE will pay for it.

Rich people didn’t pay for Obamacare. They won’t pay for BERNIECARE either. It’s the biggest con and fantasy of all time. Middle class, working Americans will get stuck with the bill as they do for just about everything. There is no “free lunch” in life, but no shortage of democratic politicians forever trying to sell one.

Jonathan Gruber the Obamacare architect said “fooling people is critical to getting legislation passed.” Gruber was even bold enough to say “passage depended on the stupidly of the voters.” It’s the same STUPIDITY CRITICAL to BERNIECARE. A fantasy that government will solve the health care cost crisis when its history of problem solving can be summed in a single word: BANKRUPTCY. Even when government runs and pays for the WHOLE SHEBANG.

You like how the postal system runs or the Veterans Administration? Both continually BANKRUPT while the VA is the poster child for mismanagement, poor care delivery and corruption. Several veterans died at the VA so government employees could qualify for bonuses while lying about wait times. Voters need to forget all those facts and remember RICH PEOPLE exactly as Gruber said, “we need stupid voters in order to pass even stupider legislation.” Sorry to say we have a nation stuffed with them. Interestingly, It was a ONLY data point both Hillary and Trump agreed on. Both are right!

It ought to be a GIANT FLASHING RED LIGHT to any one with an IQ above one. BERNIECARE has been shot down TWICE in TWO different states for the same reasons in the past 36 months. The Vermont report said BERNIECARE would likely force large numbers of people out of Vermont from enormous, across the board tax increases of double digits. It would also drive out many business along with with them. That would likely cause a deep revenue shortfall to pay all the bills putting Vermont as risk of INSOLVENCY. The plug was pulled on BERNIECARE after the truth finally came out.

Colorado made the same exact discovery with their in-depth study of BERNIECARE. At election time 80PERCENT of Colorado voted thumbs down on the proposal. But these facts and revelations are not enough for stupid people. Those visions of sugar plum, free heath care don’t die easily. A BERNIECARE cram down depends on the same stupidity to overcome common sense the exact way Obamacare did.

BERNIECARE comes with a STAGGERING price tag of $32.6 TRILLION. We can be certain from history that price is a LIE and LOW. That amounts to 11 percent of total GDP and likely 30 percent or more of all profit dollars in a country drowning in debt, where EVERY major entailment programs is BANKRUPT for as far as the eye can see. Further, BERNIECARE would blow up employer-paid heath insurance for 150 million Americans and blow up Medicare for tens of millions more Americans. Medicare, a benefit GENERATIONS EARNED for 40-years of work contributions.

Now, people should get it “FREE”? Truth is BERNIECARE would blow up the entire heath car system into something that runs and looks like the POST OFFICE and the VA. Is that what you want? By the way the post office needs another increase in stamp prices immediately. They are BANKRUPT AGAIN! Can you think or are you STUPID? BERNIECARE depends on you being STUPID!

Tony Boutin




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