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Tsitsi Chiumya & Bongani Dube of Trevor Noah’s NationWide series are funny AF!

Tsitsi Chiumya & Bongani Dube of Trevor Noah’s NationWide series are funny AF!
10 Sep

What did the folks say when they heard y’all wanted to become comedians?

Bongani: Well, I eventually got my degree so comedy took a back seat for a while for me. I got a job in advertising but I was never happy, something was always missing. Then went to pursue it (comedy) till one day while I was on stage, someone stole the steering wheel of my car and the next day I went and quit my job. I told them Jesus took the wheel and that was a sign.

TshisaLIVE: So you think it was Jesus huh?

Bongani: Yeah, I’m kind of convinced it was Jesus. Yeah, my VW steering is probably chilling in his cabinet in heaven. So yeah then I told my mom, who said “Child that’s a hobby” but now she sees it. Jesus knew what he was doing when he took that wheel.

Tsitsi: So with me it was weird for them because I was doing Game Design and I was doing amazing. Plus, I think I was one of just two black South Africans doing and finishing the degree on the continent. But I started feeling frustrated because everything I did was attributed to the fact that, “He’s the black guy”. So I casually told my parents, ‘I’m gonna focus a bit more on the comedy’. 

But my parents just thought it was a hobby, so they were fine. But then I moved to Cape Town and found my comedy feet, which enabled me to travel a lot. I also loved it because it was so inclusive – it was anything I needed it to be. The folks never actually understood how comedy could be a career though. My mom always says I use Trevor Noah as a scapegoat. So every time she’ll just go like, “Ai wena le Trevor, everyday ke Trevor!”



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