Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Wakeboarders live it up on the Valley’s lakes

Wakeboarders live it up on the Valley’s lakes
19 Aug


We’re all used to seeing jet skis and boats out on the many lakes around the Valley, but if you look closely you might also see some people flying through the air upside-down.

They zip past, flipping and doing tricks. For this group, a spot like Lake Milton is a massive playground.

“We try to bring a little bit of flair and fun to the aspect of water sports,” said Ken Mizicko.

Mizicko’s one of the owners of Stuck in Ohio Productions, a company dedicated toward proving what you can do in Ohio. Wakeboarding and wakesurfing are high on that list.

“There’s a standing Monday-Wednesday-Friday, just show up,” said Mizicko.

And they do show up, from around here or even Akron, constantly searching for the next big trick.

“I was an athlete my whole life in school sports and stuff, and you kind of lose that competitive edge. But with this kind of stuff, you can compete against yourself, and that’s awesome,” said Lucas Buckner from Vienna.

“It’s kind of an addiction. Basically, you go upside down, do a couple tricks and flips,” said Sean Popovich from Akron. “It gets basically kind of like an addiction where you have to keep learning more and doing more.”

“You get a lot of weird looks,” said Mizicko. “You can actually surf without a rope, without getting pulled, t