Wednesday, 21 November 2018

WATCH: Weird Halloween moments caught on Ring Doorbells

WATCH: Weird Halloween moments caught on Ring Doorbells
01 Nov

This Halloween season, several bizarre moments were caught on Ring Doorbells around the country.

Some showed people in costumes, dancing. Others were on the creepy side of things, as one person dressed up as Michael Myers from the movie “Halloween,” and stood at a door for a short period of time.

Two videos came from the Las Vegas area. One of them happened in Natalie Banks’ neighborhood.

“Somebody came to somebody’s door as Michael Myers. Then, they were saying it would be funny if he came with music, and the next day, he came back with music, the Halloween music! It was really funny,” she said. “Very creepy, but apparently not against the law.”

She has a Ring Doorbell, but her family didn’t pick up anything out of the ordinary.

“I would have put it on my Instagram, instantly,” she said. “It would have been an instagrammable moment.”