Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Wayne Rooney: “It Was Really Hot And Then It Has Gone Really Cold Now.”

Wayne Rooney: “It Was Really Hot And Then It Has Gone Really Cold Now.”
31 Oct

Wayne Rooney has provided a truly unique insight into life in America, explaining how it was really hot in the summer months but it has since turned cold now it’s winter. Never change, Wayne.

It really is a groundbreaking weather report from the DC United striker.

The 33-year-old spoke to the BBC about all things U.S.A recently, and soon produced one his funniest quotes yet, which is quite the statement if you think about some of the old tweets he produced back in the day.

Rooney has also opened up about buying British tea in supermarkets, Ed Sheeran and the frustration of leaving Everton.

Not to mention the outlandish weather conditions which are really, really normal – we just love Wayne Rooney, to be honest.

“The supermarket has an international aisle so there are British ones, you can get your normal tea and stuff. Even the small differences, like a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps was a bit different, so when you come across one you enjoy it a bit more.

“The weather is similar to back home at the minute. It was really hot and then it has gone really cold now.

“What is nice is when you are here throughout the year you actually get the four seasons so it will be nice for once to get them.”

“I am obviously disappointed with the way it ended at Everton but it has opened up a new chapter for me here and I’m rea