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We bet these crazy and funny Halloween costumes will make you LOL

We bet these crazy and funny Halloween costumes will make you LOL
26 Oct
Check out the funniest Halloween costumes

Check out the funniest Halloween costumes &nbsp

From cardboard refrigerators to mermaids to 101 Dalmations, Halloween is one day that people choose the funniest and quirkiest costumes. Also celebrated as All Saints’ Eve, October 31 is observed as the feast of All Hallows’ Day. It’s a day dedicated to remembering the dead including hallows, and martyrs. It’s often believed that the traditions of this day originated from the Celtic harvest festival. The primary traditions of Halloween include trick or treat where little kids from the neighborhood knock on the doors of their neighbours for candy. 

Apart from carving pumpkins, narrating horror stories and visiting haunted places, a popular tradition is dressing up as weird creatures on Halloween. It dates back to 1585 when people first wore costumes in Scotland. But it wasn’t until the 1930s that people began tweaking their costumes to something more fun. While gothic and fetish costumes have dominated the millennium, the reference of art and literature have been taking over the party scene too. 

Seems like fairies and comic characters are too mainstream and boring. While we can’t wait to see this year’s tradition, here’s looking back at some of the funniest and quirkiest costumes we’ve ever seen. 

Looking to dress up as something funny this year? We bet these pictures have got you covered. Happy Halloween!



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