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What Is Your Favorite Thing To Complain About? – #TQOTD

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Complain About? – #TQOTD
27 Sep

Yesterday’s #Secret segment was all about things that your significant other does that you secretly hate.  And that led us to want to dive a little bit deeper into this whole annoying/complaining thing.  So our #TQOTD is…


What is your favorite thing to complain about?

  • My favorite thing to complain about is… people complaining to me 😂😂

  • My kids not listening to me and their new found attitudes #thankspubertyx2

  • Other drivers… More specifically the inability to flippin merge!!!

  • Co Workerd!! Dumb stupid and lazy Co-workers!

  • My favorite thing to complain about is my mom. She lives with me and I’m always complaining about her. But she’s one of my favorite things.

  • ?-day 😺my cat not doing her job, when I find a 🐞🐝big in the house, and when there are no donuts when it’s someone’s birthday and When the boss wants me to actually WORK! Ugg, Really? Is that why I am here? Dam he’s bossy, lol

  • Stupid drivers! Especially texting and driving!

  • My favorite thing to complain about is how tired I am!

  • Being tired…I work 3rd shift and get an average of 5 hours of sleep a day. The kicker being that is in two napping sessions. I rarely get 6 hours of sleep straight through on the days I work. I at times I feel as if I’m going to lose me mind.

  • I like to complain about my husband and his man cold #idontgetdaysoff #suckitupwhiner

  • I can’t participate at 7:40 as I will be at work….but my favorite thing to complain about is a man’s inability to change a roll of toilet paper. What is up with that?!? It’s not rocket science!

  • Favorite thing to complain about is being tired. It always becomes a competition between my husband and me-but I always win!

  • I like to complain about my husband! My girlfriends and I enjoy complaining about our husbands together; we have some GREAT laughs. I love him to pieces but man he can drive me bonkers sometimes. I’m sure he’s listening too!

  • I am a chronic complainer, so it’s really hard to choose just one thing. But if I had to choose, it would be driving. I used to love driving, but these days, I would just rather stay home or ride the bus cause people drive like poo.

  • I like to complain about people complaining!

  • My favorite thing to complain about is the cold

  • I love to complain about my cell phone as I have issues daily with it

  • The cold!

  • My favorite thing to complain about is not getting enough balloon animals

  • Dumb people….mostly coworkers

  • My favorite thing to complain about is: other drivers! Turn signals are there for a reason, use the bleeping things! Ohhh and school buses can’t stop right away so STOP pulling out in front of them if you aren’t gonna go. #SchoolBusDriver #InBetweenRuns

  • Good morning Connie and fish! My favorite thing to complain about is my commute to work. I drive 40 minutes every day just to get to work on time. But it’s much better when I listen to your show.

  • Favorite thing to complain about… If you see a clean sink, chances are the dishwasher has room to load.. Put your dishes in the dishwasher.. Not the sink, not the counter, not the table. THE DISHWASHER!! 😜

  • Grammatical errors

  • Stupid people

  • My favorite thing to complain about is people. Working in customer service makes it very easy to complain about people.

  • Text question of the day my favorite thing to complain about is my boyfriend because I haven’t had a boyfriend in over six years and it is so awesome to be able to complain about something I have not had in so long

  • Pregnancy- it ain’t easy!

  • Favorite thing to complain about…… My crappy coworkers… I’m surrounded by JOYCE’S.

  • Complain about paying bills, damn mosquitoes and doing yard work!

  • I love complaining about waiting in line at the grocery store. Yesterday it took me 25 minutes to check out at Meijer. Grrrr!!

  • How tired I always am!!!

  • My favorite thing to complain about is my mother in law. She lives with us and sometimes it’s just too much.

  • People drive too fast on Lake Michigan Drive NW. Been too many deaths on it, n what’s the hurry? Can’t hardly cross, even at the light!

  • My favorite thing to complain about is how badly people drive. I noticed it multiple times a day when I still lived in Grand Rapids. Since I moved to Florida a month ago, I notice it still, but not as much.

  • The delay in the mix 95.7 app

  • Good morning. My favorite thing to complain about is STUPID people and the stupid things they do. #youcantfixstupid

  • Men….because they’re dumb. 😂

  • My family picking up after themselves. I’m NOT the maid!!!

  • Favorite thing to complain about? So many, I kid, I kid. But really it would be when lights are left on, now it is a joke in our household, I get pictures sent to me of our hallway light on, yes my kids can be jokesters. …

  • I like listening to you guys complaining about INTERN steve….

  • #TQOTD my favorite thing? I can’t narrow it down there’s too many… 1. People who drive like idiots 2. Ridiculously long lines at Meijer at all times of the day 3. Freezing weather & ice on roads 4. WORK. 5. “Adulting” & paying bills 6. My boyfriend not doing what I ask him to do. Ba Deep BA deep That’s all Folks!!!!

  • My smartass kids’ response to ‘were you born in a barn’ “Nope, I was born in a hospital with automatic doors”

  • My favorite thing to complain about is my daughter n law. She is a bipolar succubus from hell who lives her life on FB. Also, fish….you drive me nuts.

  • Oooooo I forgot my biggest complaint is “that I am overweight.” #butdobtdonotthingaboutit

  • Favorite thing to complain about: my mother in law! Right?😂

  • My favorite thing to complain about our of the politicians in Washington DC

    my favorite thing to complain about is my mother and lost. She’s a diabetic 300 pounds and eat candy and chocolate all the time and I would like her to be around to see her grandkids grow up.

  • I live in a retirement facility where management rarely shows up. It’s like the old projects. Mold, dirt, and grime everywhere. Mngt wants our apts clean, yet everything’s so old n worn out, it won’t come clean!!!

  • I know you won’t get to mine but I always complain about the people at work that don’t work and I do all of their work

  • My sister, she is so annoying

  • I complain about getting my license for over 6 years and I just found out that the sec of state wants to see me dead before they let me get a license

  • Or they are just a pain in the a**😆

  • I complain about folding laundry. Why is there not a folding machine? When I ask my husband this, he says “there is a folding machine”, as he stares at me and slowly points at my hands.

  • #TQOTD my favorite thing to complain about is being single. And I also complain about the single friends I have that are attractive. #whatswrongwithme

  • Dawn from Grandville… Jaywalkers… That is my favorite thing to complain about. I usually yell out the window, “There is a light 20 feet away! This is how people get hit!” So annoying….

  • Lack of sex lol

  • Not making enough money

  • OMG! My favorite thing to complain about is my husband buying stuff on eBay! We have so much crap in our house already that I have to take the old stuff out in disguise when he’s out of the house because if he sees a bag of stuff to be donated he rummages through it and finds the stuff I try to hide.

  • My commute on the east belting and the horrible drivers who don’t anticipate lights

  • The word ‘literally’. Even if used correctly, it has turned into a filler word. Stop it!

    I complain about People who drive in the passing lane. It’s called the passing lane for a reason! So frustrating!

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