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When holiday photos go wrong

When holiday photos go wrong
04 Sep

HOLIDAYS are meant to be relaxing, but all manner of things can go wrong on those precious days away.

Holiday-makers have been sharing their funny photos from their time away, and some needn’t have bothered leaving the house in the first place.

From a car that’s got seriously stuck in the sand on the beach to a tent that’s flown away as it’s being pitched, it might be safer to stick to the sofa.

Diply has compiled the photos, which include a case of the some of the worst sunburn ever seen — although the woman who has it is bravely soldiering on with her holiday gift shopping.

Meanwhile, a bored hotel worker has made a monstrous creation from a towel, which looks a little more like nether regions than is quite comfortable.

These people will need a holiday from their holiday once they’re done.

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and was republished with permission.



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